Service with Home Clean Heroes Virginia Beach offers much more than a clean house. Your Heroes promise reliability, confidence, and quality care, so you can relax.
—And your Heroes are just that, yours.

With Home Clean Heroes Virginia Beach, you’ll have a familiar, reliable face to clean up your place. Professionalism is a top priority. All of our Heroes are background-checked, bonded and insured. With shared communication between all of our passionate team members, your personal preferences and feedback will always make its way to the right people. From first service to final sweep, we make sure your home is cleaned your way.


Ready for a home-cleaning rescue? Get started in three easy steps:

  • Call 757-819-4930 or fill out our Simple Estimate Form to the right to schedule your free, in-home estimate, or we can provide an estimate for you on the phone, too.
  • Home Clean Heroes will arrange to visit your home at a time that works for you.
  • Let us know your cleaning preferences and enjoy a clean home with a shiny, smudge-free schedule to match


At Home Clean Heroes Virginia Beach, our professional grime-fighters have all the tools they need to succeed on every mission. Take a look at some of our grime-fighting gear:

The Hero-Mobile:

Not only stylish, our vehicles are meticulously organized and ready for action.

The Vac-Pac:

This commercial-grade, grime-fighting machine uses a molecular air filter and suction-only design to knock out dirt, eliminate dust, and generate some serious, quality clean.

Stealth Tech:

Tools like our micro-fiber dusters and surface-saving doormats literally stop dirt in its tracks, so you can enjoy a home safe from smudges and floors that are footprint-free.

Colorful Gloves and Safety Glasses:

Because, a Hero has to look good, right? We’re bringing some style to sanitation with our fresh, clean, fashion-forward uniforms.

Check out the Home Clean Heroes Checklist for information on the general services your Heroes provide with every cleaning visit:

Home Clean Heroes Checklist

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